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Replace it with nothing!


March 29, 2017

By Craig Roberts, CP Member – Wisconsin

With the epic failure of the Republicans to repeal Obamacare, we at the Constitution Party say: We told you so! Yes, we said it. And you will be hearing “we told you so” much more in the coming years. For the entire presidential campaign we were told by “conservatives” that we must suspend our principles and vote for the Republican candidate in order to stop Hillary, instead of voting for an actual conservative candidate, Darrell Castle. After all, they said, “he can’t win.” Well, guess what? Apparently Republicans can’t win either. The Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare, a major campaign promise, and our former president’s signature piece of legislation is still chugging along.

To make matters worse, the Republicans, after trying one time to repeal it, decided to cut-and-run and move to something else. Are they really that pathetic and weak? The answer is, Yes. The Democrats, to their credit, never give up, even when they lose. They keep scraping and clawing until they get what they want. The Republicans on the other hand, keep doing what they do best:  cave-in to the Democrats.

The Constitution Party recognizes that the Federal Government has no constitutional authority to involve itself in healthcare. None! Therefore, we propose that Obamacare be repealed and replaced with nothing. What about those who really need the coverage? That can be handled by the individual states, if the citizens of those states choose to make it a priority. The states have full constitutional authority to pursue whatever program they wish. For instance, Wisconsin has Badgercare. Massachusetts has “Romneycare,” etc. Each state has the money to fund their own healthcare system, if they make it a priority. The reason they have not made it a priority is because they want Uncle Sam to pay for it so that they may continue with their wasteful spending in order to buy votes. If you are truly interested in universal healthcare, take it up with your state representatives.

The Constitution Party has proven once again to be the only conservative party left in America. We are the only party who can oppose the Democrat Party. If you want a political party with principles, you only have one choice; the Constitution Party. Join a group of people who are willing to fight for our conservative principles, not run and hide. Go to to learn more.



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What is a liberal? What is a conservative? Are either of them Christian? Read more to find out.

Did you know that “conservatism” was birthed during the French Revolution?  The “Conservatuer” sat to the right of the speaker in the assembly.  The communists, socialists and atheists sat to the left.  Hence the beginnings or “right” and “left” in our political usage.  These conservatives were not, and today’s conservatives are not Christian.  So why have Christians surrendered their thought processes to them instead of having “the mind of Christ?”

Learn the answer to this and many other questions in the book Why I Am Not a Conservative by Riley J. Hood.  You can obtain this eBook for your Kindle (PC or mobile device) right now by going to and purchasing it for only $1.99!


You will also learn the fallacy of liberalism.  This book is a must-read for all Christians who have associated themselves with either of these philosophies.  Order your copy today!

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