The United Nations: An Enemy of America

02 Jan


January 2, 2017

By Riley J. Hood-Milwaukee County Constitution Party

In 1993, Al Gore eulogized our dead Army Rangers by saying, “These have died in the service of the UN.” In Al Gore’s mind, American’s don’t fight wars anymore they play at being policemen.  This is the United Nations (UN) “conflict resolution” doctrine.  Anyone with political knowledge knows the UN is an Un-Biblical, Un-American, Socialist, and Foreign Jurisdiction. It is our enemy by its nature, and its actions, whether we are members or not. Worst of all, the UN is a waste of life.
While the UN didn’t exist until after WWII (the League of Nations was founded after WWI) it was the substance of world alliances that caused WWI and WWII. What George Washington called, “entangling alliances.” It was “entangling alliances” and “balances of power” breaking down, that turned a local conflict between Serbia and Austria into WWI. It was repeated when Germany invaded Poland in WWII, bringing France and Great Britain into the war. (Don’t take this example as any sympathy for Hitler on my part. He should have been dispatched long before he invaded Poland. WWII was a “world war” as the result of the Appeasement Policy.) The UN is a world-wide system of entangling alliances. WWIII will be caused if and when it breaks down.  If the UN can be eliminated peacefully, by procedure, then the scope of entangling alliances can be reduced.
America has not fought a real war since WWII. We have had troops in combat, who have fought and won real battles; that is not the same as fighting and winning a real war. The difference is in leadership. In a war, you fight for your country, the USA, and you achieve Victory. The Enemy loses his right to “self-determination.” For example, the Kaiser was forced to abdicate in WWI. After WWII the NAZI Party was outlawed by Public Order #1.  It is outlawed to this day by the German Constitution. The Emperor of Japan was trotted out in front of the Japanese people and forced to tell them that he was not a god. We have not had the results of victory since that time, because we have ceded our foreign policy over to the UN.
KOREA (1950 to 1953), – America jumped in to save the Republic of South Korea from being taken over by the heavily armed Peoples Republic of Korea. This hard fought “UN Police Action” ended up in a stalemate that still exists to this day. North Korea still exists as a Communist State. General MacArthur was sacked, and our officer corps became politicized. We lost 54,246 lives in Korea.
VIETNAM (1959 to 1975) – America took over from the French after their defeat at the hands of the Viet Minh at Dien Ben Phu in 1954. We fought in full combat from 1965 to 1973. Saigon fell in 1975. We won every battle, but not the war; because we were on defense only. Policy was being controlled by the UN via SEATO. Our troops were blamed for the loss. Such was not the case. We lost 58,655 lives in Vietnam.
GRENADA (1983) – The US invaded without UN permission, yet the Reagan Administration installed another socialist government under UN auspices. We lost 18 lives in Grenada.
LEBANON (1982-1984) – The height of UN idiocy; we lost over 300 Americans, mostly US Marines, trying to enforce a UN peace that never existed. Lebanon was in the midst of an Islamic takeover.  300,000 people had died since 1975 in a “civil war.” There was the typical UN power sharing plan, then occupation by the Syrian Army. Our Marines apprehended the PLO only to have the UN relocate them. USMC units and other UN peace-keepers were jammed into a small strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut, to enforce a UN cease-fire. Firefights, artillery duels, bombings were regular occurrences. Because it was called “peace-keeping,” most Americans will never care about what happened there.
DESERT STORM (1990 -1991) – America and a coalition enforced a UN Resolution and kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.  It was great Battle Planning that won the battle, but it was still plagued by UN limitations, such as leaving Hussein in place.  We lost 474 American lives.
SOMALIA (1991-1993) – More UN peacekeeping! We ended up with 18 dead soldiers, and their bodies dragged unclothed through the Mogadishu streets in typical Islamic style.
BOSNIA (1994 – 1995) – America occupied Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia to the benefit of Muslims. This was to ostensibly put an end to Ethnic Cleansing, which the Serbs were engaging in. (The Muslim’s are experts at ethnic cleansing, they called it Dhimmitude.) This was when Army Specialist Michael New refused to wear the UN blue beret.
HAITI (1995) – Special Forces ousted General Raoul Cedras, and reinstated the Communist government of the defrocked Roman Catholic priest, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. We still have US Marines stationed there, who in March 2004, had to shoot rioters.
KOSOVO (1998 – 1999) – America bombed the Bosnian Serbs, and the Serbians themselves, all to benefit the Bosnian Muslims.
AFGHANISTAN (2001 to Present) – In response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, we rightly invaded the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, because they were harboring the Al-Qaida terrorist group. The Bush Administration let the UN dictate the peace terms, and set up another Islamic government in the Taliban’s place. Operation Enduring Freedom could be termed Enduring Failure. The Muslims rewarded us with more violence, just like their predecessors the Mujahidin “freedom fighters” did, after we armed and aided them against the Soviet Union.
IRAQ (2003 to 2011) – America invaded on behalf of Bush 43, his friends, and their interests. The UN has dictated the peace, installing an Islamic Constitution, like Afghanistan and Iran. The main beneficiaries were the Shi’ite Muslim majority, until ISIS popped out of Al-Qaida in Iraq.  After Saddam Hussein was executed, we should have withdrawn.  If the UN insists on “nation building” let them use other resources, and not American lives.
We have paid a high price in blood for playing the part of stooge and spear carrier for th UN, an enemy government that engineers our defeat time after time.   The rest of the world sees no difference between “UN” and “US” when it comes to hating Americans.  Withdrawing from NATO would be a good first step.
At the Constitution Party, we hold an American view of our military. The goal of the federal defense policy is to defend the national security interests of the United States. We should be a friend of liberty everywhere, but the protectors of ours alone. We call for the maintenance of a strong state-of-the-art military and we oppose disarmament. We believe that defense expenditures must be must be directly related to the protection of our nation and must be carefully reviewed to eliminate foreign aid and inefficiency. Under no circumstances would we commit US forces to serve under any flag but that of the United States of America, and never in combat without a Constitutional Declaration of War.”  We support American policy, the American military and American Victory.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin
PO Box 070344
Milwaukee WI, 53207
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