The Innocent Unborn Once Again Pay the Ultimate Price So Republicans Can Have it Both Ways

03 Feb

In an article penned by Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus titled “We march because every life is a gift” and dated on the anniversary of the ungodly, immoral Roe v. Wade, he writes in part, This year, the theme of the march is “Every life is a gift”.  I couldn’t agree more with that statement.   We must do everything we can to protect life and defend the rights of those who can’t yet defend themselves.

Everything you can, Chairman Priebus? 

Oh, if only that were true of your party, Mr. Chairman.

Sadly for the unborn innocents, everyone reading this press release knows the Republican Party leadership would shed the pro-life issue if they could. Attending the March for Life rally is an annual requirement for the GOP.  Their leaders feel they must “keep up appearances” to keep the pro-life wing of the party voting Republican.   These cynical leaders of the elephant party probably draw straws each year to see who has to go out and lie to the pro-life crusaders, telling them how their party’s commitment to the unborn is “unwavering and ongoing”.  The GOP leadership wishes social conservatives would just go away, but they also know they cannot win major elections without them.  This is why a GOP delegation attends the annual March for Life and why their party leaders like Chairman Priebus write token, generic op-eds and why they propose legislation they have no intention of fighting for.

On January 22, the elephant party pulled their own “pro-life” legislation in the House of Representatives because they said they couldn’t get the votes to insure passage.  This comes as no surprise to Constitutionalist Christians here in the united-for-life Constitution Party as we know this is just one of many issues upon which the GOP is divided.  The pulled legislation called The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, or H.R. 36, would ban most abortions after twenty weeks when children in the womb are fully developed and can feel pain.  But fearing it would upset pro-abortion groups in the party GOP leaders pulled the bill and replaced it with tamer, less controversial The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, or H.R. 7, to undo some of the funding for abortions under Obamacare, which is unconstitutional to begin with.

The question we Constitutionalists ask of our fellow pro-lifers is, “How many more anniversaries of Roe v. Wade must pass before you accept that your desire to prevent the shedding of innocent blood will never be achieved through the pro-abortion “rights”, social conservative-hating, increasingly ungodly Republican Party?”  Perhaps the better question for our currently non-member pro-life friends is, “Wouldn’t you rather join with a party that doesn’t have to be pressured or constantly pushed into fighting day and night to end abortion on demand, a party who if given a chance would defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups in the several states and a party who will stand up on God’s innocents?”  That would be the totally pro-life Constitution Party.  We don’t have and will never sanction pro-abortion “rights” groups in our party.

In the Constitution Party, you wouldn’t have to beg our party’s leaders to give you pro-life candidates; our candidates will be pro-life or our party will never endorse them, campaign for them or donate to their campaigns.  Any candidate who will not stand up for God’s little ones—born and unborn—isn’t worthy of our support and will never get it.  To our pro-life friends, you do not have a pro-life party in power now…only Republicans.  They will not give you what you want—we will!  We are you. We Constitutionalists say to crusaders for the unborn, “Come on over to the only pro-life party, the Constitution Party!”

The GOP will never end abortion on demand.  In your hearts, friends, you know this.

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One response to “The Innocent Unborn Once Again Pay the Ultimate Price So Republicans Can Have it Both Ways

  1. nanarhonda

    February 5, 2015 at 1:59 PM

    Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Chairman Reince Preibus lives within my area. If I could sit down with him, I would, but I cannot unless he were to come to me. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with him and explain to him why I will no longer vote GOP. It it astounding that I have FINALLY received a response from Congressman Paul Ryan yesterday. I will not vote GOP with the exception of my State Rep. and my sheriff. Other than that, I will vote The Constitution Party, period.


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