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Circuit Court Orders a Soverign State to Violate Their Own Laws and Grant Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants


December 28, 2014

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) condemns the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling declaring that the sovereign state of Arizona must violate their own laws and make available drivers licenses—state documentation and permission to operate a motor vehicle—to those illegal immigrants in the federal government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

On December 17, the U.S. Supreme Court showed their preference for defending a mere federal law (a program) over the highest law in our land, the U.S. Constitution, by rejecting Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer’s appeal to block the Circuit Court’s ruling and to let the ruling stand.  Much like the rest of the Bill of Rights, the 10th Amendment is meaningless to the Supreme Court.

The CPoW asks –

  • Will a circuit court declare that anyone over eighteen and not a convicted felon must be allowed to serve on juries and that county courts in that state can no longer ask potential jurors if they are U.S. citizens or not?
  • Will a circuit court soon issue a ruling that sovereign states must allow illegal immigrants to be poll workers as long as they “don’t vote themselves”?
  • Will the Obama administration eventually use crafty legalese to declare that any “undocumented worker” with a state-issued driver’s license can be poll workers and must be allowed to vote in that state because “Drivers licenses are a form of identification and since the state issues drivers licenses, the state itself is declaring these immigrants are now legal.”?
  • How long will it be before taxpayer money will pay for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants who will claim they have a “financial hardship” and can’t afford the fees?

While control of immigration is a power granted to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution, the issuance of certain documents, like driver’s licenses, is under the power of the several states via the 10th Amendment.  States issues drivers licenses; the federal government doesn’t.

The CPoW condemns President Obama for his lawlessness and arrogance but his actions are only possible because of Congress surrendering its legislative authority to the executive branch in the first place.  Congress’ inaction sends a clear message to President Obama:  “Do whatever you want, whenever you want.  We won’t impeach you and we will continue funding anything you publicly demand.”

The CPoW and the national Constitution Party support only those who enter our county lawfully with legal documentation who will wait in line for citizenship behind all the legal immigrants.  When rule of law is absent from a society, chaos and tyranny will always fill the void.

Constitutionalists ask, “When will President Obama’s lawlessness end?”  Apparently, the answer is not until January 2017 when his term expires, thanks to spineless Republicans and lawless Democrat enablers who have taken impeachment and any other constitutional remedy to remove this president off the table.  In the meantime, with both Democrats and Republicans in power operating outside the restraints imposed by the U.S. Constitution on elected officers, we can expect their illegal actions—and inactions—to increase and get worse, much worse…and on more issues than just immigration.

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Don’t You Know There Is A War On?

Battle against the Barbary Pirates

Battle against the Barbary Pirates

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” Psalms 120:7

By Riley J. Hood-State Chairman

            There has been a war on since 630AD. What war is that? It is the Islamic war to take over the world; and that includes America. Before America became a military power, Muslims referred to the British Empire as the “Great Satan.” Why? Because England’s Navy was closing down the Islamic slave trade and curbing Islamic Piracy.  Early in our history, American citizens were being enslaved on the high seas by the Barbary Pirates. They were Muslims, supported by the Ottoman Empire. The phrases “going pirate,” and “turning Turk” were interchangeable in the 1700s and early 1800s.  Our US Constitution Article I, Section 8, paragraphs 11-12 provides for letters of Marque and Reprisal, meaning Congress may authorize armed merchantmen to take these pirates out.

Liberals state that the reason why Christians are being persecuted by Muslims is because our military has been bombing them. I hear this from the likes of Michael Moore, John Kerry and Ron Paul. In Beirut, 1860, the Islamic Druze massacred 10,000 Maronite Christians.  Why? Was it because America was bombing them?  Or was it because the Quran prompts them to do such things? The 1895 Armenian genocide was perpetrated by the Ottomans. In 1915 a new regime, the “Young Turks” murdered 1.5 million Armenians in an effort to stamp out Christianity. Was America bombing the Turks at that time?  Now that we exposed such faulty logic. there are several things you must realize about Muslims:

  • Islam is not Christian. The Islamic world-view isn’t a Christian world-view. “Allah” is not Father God. “Allah has no son”, so they despise Jesus Christ, the Son of God. “Isa” is not the Jesus of the Bible; but merely a “prophet” who taught Islam. The Islamic idea of a Martyr is someone who dies while trying to murder an “infidel.” Surah 33:26 states, “And he brought down the people of the book who backed them into their strong places and cast terror into their hearts. A group of them you were killing, and a group of them you are taking captive. And he made you inherit their land and their homes and their money and land which you have never set foot on. And Allah was mighty over all things.”
  • Islam has never been accepted in any land in which it is entrenched. Saudi Arabia had Islam imposed upon it by murder and conquest. Iran was Zoroastrian, until conquered by Muslims, and Islam was imposed upon it. Until the 1300’s there were no Turks in Turkey, and no Muslims. The Byzantines, who were Greek Orthodox, had Islam imposed upon them.
  • Islam won’t allow peaceful “co-existence.” The Quran, Surah 3:151 begins “We will cast terror into the hearts of the infidels..” Islam allows Muslims to pose as Christians and to lie to advance itself. In any nation where Islam is tolerated, the polygamous Muslim population will outstrip the Christian population, even when Christians aren’t sinning by using birth-control. A Muslim can keep 4 wives at the same time, and “contract marry” as many “Sharmuta’s” as he can. A Muslim, in a Muslim nation can have over 20 wives and 200 children in a lifetime and still have kept “his faith.” When Islam becomes a majority, then Muslims start killing each other, because murder is glorified in the Islamic world-view.

Given the nature of their previous conquests, Islam is no minor threat. Muslims have been attacking America since our Founding Era.  In 1979 Khomeini called America the “Great Satan” because he realized Britain wasn’t the major obstacle to world conquest anymore, America was. As a result, he unleashed a modern jihad. As long as Islam is left in place, they will launch attack after attack, and will breed new groups of “terrorists,” and individuals who will act upon what the Quran states. The Muslim won’t let you be tolerant or neutral as the Canadians are finding out.  The forgotten casualty is freedom, and that is the tragic consequence of having a perpetual posture of defense; trying to stay on high alert eternally; with no offensive strategy. I would rather see Islam done away with, than our Liberties done away with.

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