On the campaign trail with Jerry Broitzman

24 Sep
The latest from the campaign trail….
Town of Douglas Supervisor endorses Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State
TOWN OF DOUGLAS- In his bid for Secretary of State, Jerry Broitzman received the endorsement of Gregory Smith who is a Supervisor in the Town of Douglas, Wisconsin.  Douglas is a town located in Marquette County.

“I’m very glad that Jerry Broitzman is in this race,” said Smith.  “We need more people with his values representing us in Wisconsin state government.”

Marquette County is known for its natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination.  Fountain Lake Farm is located in the southern part of the county and is part of a National Historic Landmark paying tribute to the founder of the Sierra Club.


Jerry Broitzman visits Madison, Wisconsin 

MADISON-On Thursday, September 18th, Jerry Broitzman visited a television studio in Madison to give a statement regarding his race for Secretary of State.

While there, he visited the capital building and other points of interest.

“I was glad to have the opportunity to visit our seat of state government,” he said. “I learn something new every time I go.”

At another stop in Madison, Jerry visited a construction project at Madison Pentecostal Assembly church.  Bishop Eugene S. Johnson was there to greet him and his wife.  He and Jerry are showing the “V for Victory” sign in his run for Secretary of State.


“Jerry and his wife Dorothy were a blessing to have as members of our church while they were living in Madison,” Bishop Johnson said.  “I am glad to have been their pastor.”

Jerry Broitzman speaks at a Constitution Day rally
CUDAHY-On Saturday, September 20th, Jerry Broitzman was a guest speaker at a Constitution Day rally held by the Constitution Party of Wisconsin at the Cudahy Family Library.  Pictured below is Ricardo Davis (left), Chairman of the Constitution Party of Georgia and Andrew Zuelke (right), the Constitution Party candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer.


Jerry spoke on the issue of voting based on your principles and beliefs, rather than on fear.

“Most people vote based on fear, not on issues,” Broitzman said.  “I am running so that people who put their faith first can have someone to vote for; not simply settling for the lesser of two evils.”


Why is Jerry Broitzman running for Secretary of State?

Jerry Broitzman attends OneMKE event.

Borkowski endorsement

Send donations to:
Friends for Jerry Broitzman
P.O. Box 13341
Milwaukee, WI 53226


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