Why is Jerry Broitzman running for Secretary of State?

21 Sep
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Jerry Broitzman, Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State

People have come up to me and asked this question either directly or indirectly, when what they really want to say is, “Um, Jerry, you really don’t have a chance of winning while running on the Constitution Party ticket.  Why are you doing this?”  This is a fair question that I will fully answer, but first, you need to have some facts.

One fact is that if everybody who agreed with my principles actually voted for me, I would win with 51-55% of the vote in a statewide race.  This is followed closely by an undeniable fact:  The majority of people vote based on fear, not on issues.  Many times, they don’t vote for someone, they vote againstsomeone else.  Which means, they are too afraid to vote for someone other than a democrat or republican.

As a couple of examples, republicans in Wisconsin voted for Mitt Romney for president, because they were afraid of President Obama; never mind that a republican presidential candidate has not won the state since 1984 (30 years).  In the same election cycle, republicans voted for Tommy Thompson out of fear of Tammy Baldwin.  Neither republican candidate supported their conservative views, but they were afraid of the alternative.  So, republicans, how is that working out for you?  Not only did you lose the elections, you lost your principles as well.

Democrats employ the same fear-based strategy.  The examples are not as recent, but the tactic is this:  “Vote for us or they will take away your (insert your favorite entitlement program here).”  Or better yet, “Yeah, we take you for granted, but too bad, where else are you going to go?”

Well, there is somewhere else to go; it is called the Constitution Party.  The Constitution Party is a recognized political party in Wisconsin that promotes Biblical principles referred to in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.  We believe that the power of the federal government should be restrained within the confines of the US Constitution, with the remaining power given to the individual states.  These are not radical concepts.  These are the founding ideas of our country.

Democrats:  Did you know that the incumbent Secretary of State has been in that office since 1974?  Let’s recap a few things that were happening at that time.  “Disco” was popular.  The television series “Happy Days” began an 11-year run on ABC.  First class postage was $.10.  Do you seriously consider yourself to be “progressive” by voting for the same person who has held the office for the last 40 years?  What kind of statement are you making by being a “good little soldier” and voting the party line?  Why not send a real message by voting for Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State?

Republicans:  I have news for you.  Your guy is likely going to lose.  Do you know his name?  If not, I rest my case.  If so, can you name the last time a republican held this office?  You may also know that the Republican Party does not take this office seriously.  Nor do they care about the State Treasurer office.  Do you want proof?  Both of these are constitutional offices and are administrative vs. legislative.  Their candidate for Secretary of State wants to keep the office while their candidate for State Treasurer wants to abolish the very office for which he is running.  The position of the Republican Party is this:  (insert cricket noises here).  Why would you want to throw your vote away by voting republican for these posts?  Since their cause is lost anyway, why not send a message to the political establishment by voting for Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State.  You have nothing to lose.

Since this is a battleground state, many elections are decided by less than a 5% difference.  If a Constitution Party candidate could consistently get 5% in any race, it would definitely cause nervousness in the political establishment.  If a Constitution Party candidate got 20%, it would cause a seismic shift in the political landscape in Wisconsin, possibly changing it forever.

So, why am I running for Secretary of State?  I am running so that those who put their faith first can have their voices heard by voting for me.  I am running to restore the office to its legitimate duties, as defined in the Wisconsin State Constitution.  I am running to provide an alternative to voters from the two corporate parties that currently dominate the political scene.  I am running so that those who still value the US Constitution have someone to vote for, without compromising their principles.

Break the chains of Big Politics!

Are you ready to make history?  Are you ready to vote for someone out of principle, rather thanagainst someone out of fear?  If so, I urge you to break the chains of Big Politics, by voting for Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014.  Thank you for your support!

P.S. – Please support this history-making endeavor by sending a minimum donation of $25.00 today!

P.S.S. – Reply to this email if you would like to display a yard sign. donations to:
Friends for Jerry Broitzman
P.O. Box 13341
Milwaukee, WI 53226


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One response to “Why is Jerry Broitzman running for Secretary of State?

  1. Amanda Saam

    October 24, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    It’s pretty sad that I’m 30 years old and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to mirror my own values in an election. The “Constitution Party” is just what we need!
    Almost every one of my family gatherings result in a political uproar. This usually consists of “pointing fingers,” social awkwardness, and finally despair. For many years I’ve been saying that this was bound to happen.
    The U.S. Constitution is sacred and contains a level of loyalty, honor and wisdom that many people will never understand. Hearing the preamble brings me to tears. Greed has destroyed our country. It can be restored, but not until the “Constitution Party” is given a fair chance to instill these principles back into our minds.
    From that point on, we will watch our wilted garden of doom blossom into a thriving, unstoppable flower pasture. We, the people, are in charge of our future. Let’s make it brighter by voting for Jerry Broitzman, 2014 Secretary of State.

    P.S. I’d be honored to dispay a yard sign.


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