Jerry Broitzman attends One MKE event

08 Sep


Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State
September 8, 2014
Contact:  414-526-4545
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Jerry Broitzman, candidate for Secretary of State in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE-On Saturday, September 6, 2014, Jerry Broitzman, a candidate for Secretary of State, attended a candidate forum sponsored by One Mke at the Central Library in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Many candidates who appear on the November 4th ballot and touch the City of Milwaukee were invited.  All of the candidates in attendance were prominent Democrats, with the exception of Broitzman, who represents the Constitution Party.  No Republican candidates chose to attend.

“I’m glad I was given the opportunity to participate in this event,” Broitzman said.  “I was able to provide answers to questions from a constitutional perspective, which they were clearly unaccustomed to hearing.”

The questions focused on economic issues, particularly the exodus of talented young people from the City of Milwaukee.  According to the latest census report, the age group of 25-54 reported a significant decrease of 3.1%.

“If we want more opportunities for young people, we must have more corporate headquarters in the City of Milwaukee, much like is was in the 70’s & 80’s,” Broitzman said.  “We must change the perception that Milwaukee is “bad for business.”

About the Constitution Party:
The Constitution Party is a recognized political party in Wisconsin that promotes the Biblical principles referred to in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.  We promote these principles by guiding our members into various government positions.

About One MKE:
The mission of One MKE is to transform leadership and relationships in order to foster and retain a diverse pipeline of talent and improve cultural competence within the City of Milwaukee.

Send donations to:
Friends for Jerry Broitzman
P.O. Box 13341
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Authorized and paid for by Friends for Jerry Broitzman.
Jerry Broitzman, Treasurer

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