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Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State

CONTACT: 414.526.4545

Vote for Jerry Broitzman on Tuesday, August 12th

Are you an independent political thinker? Well, on August 12th, you will have the chance to prove it.

My name is Jerry Broitzman and I am running for Secretary of State under the Constitution Party banner in our beautiful State of Wisconsin. The duties of Secretary of State have been stripped away over the years. However, the duties themselves have not disappeared. Instead, they have been reassigned to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. This has not created smaller government; it has only hidden the functions from public view.

I intend to restore the office of Secretary of State to it’s legitimate functions as originally intended in our Wisconsin State Constitution. Our state government needs more accountability, not less. I will do my part in this as your next Secretary of State.

I encourage all of you to break the chains of Big Politics by voting for me, Jerry Broitzman, on Tuesday, August 7th. My name will be found under the word CONSTITUTION on your ballot.

Approved by Friends for Jerry Broitzman
PO Box 13341
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Jerry Broitzman, Treasurer



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