Constitution Party of Wisconsin fields two candidates for statewide office

01 Jul


JULY 2, 2014

Constitution Party of Wisconsin fields two candidates for statewide office

MADISON-Two candidates from the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW), Wisconsin’s fastest growing political party, will appear on the November ballot in Wisconsin:  Andrew Zuelke for State Treasurer and Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State.

Over 5,000 Wisconsin voters signed the petitions to nominate the CPoW candidates for office, which were submitted to the Government Accountability Board (GAB) in Madison, WI by the June 2nd deadline.  CPoW officially endorsed Andrew Zuelke and Jerry Broitzman at their annual state convention in March 2014.

Both candidates support the idea of restoring the duties to the offices as they were originally intended when they were first created under the Wisconsin State Constitution.

“The duties of these two offices have not gone away.  Instead, they have been re-assigned to unelected bureaucrats who don’t answer to the voters,” said Zuelke.  “This has not created smaller government; it has instead created a bigger government with fewer checks and balances.  How does that benefit the electorate?”

“The democrats do not want smaller government; they are quite clear about that.  The republicans say they want smaller government, but in truth, are simply too cowardly to fight for it,” said Broitzman.  “Instead, they chose to reassign the duties to bureaucrats, hiding their actions from the public, and then claiming ‘smaller government.’  This is absurd and it needs to stop.”

CPoW urges all voters to declare their independence from Big Politics by voting for Andrew Zuelke and Jerry Broitzman this November.  The CPoW will appear on the ballot under the word “Constitution”.


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