The Platinum EBT Card

23 Nov

pirate-n-plunderKnowest thou the Commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.” Mark 10:19

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

I don’t have a subscription to the Christian Science Monitor, as I reject the doctrines of Christian Science; however I was sent a copy of an article of theirs, by a friend of our Party; about a recent EBT card scandal in Louisiana, so I will be quoting from that article.

October 16, 2013-“Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Xerox Corp. blamed each other on Monday, (10/14/13) after Louisiana food stamp recipients stripped bare the shelves of some Wal-Mart stores when a computer glitch left their debit cards with no limits. Managers of Wal-Mart stores in the small, north Louisiana towns of Springhill and Mansfield alerted police on Saturday (10/12/13) that throngs of shoppers had flooded into the stores and were buying groceries using electronic benefit cards that contained no limits.”

“When word got out Saturday that the EBT cards were showing no limits, card holders rushed to the area Wal-Marts to take advantage. Some people had eight or ten shopping carts full of groceries according to Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd, Lynd arrived at his town’s Wal-Mart store at about 7PM. local time and found a few hundred shoppers jamming checkout lines to overflowing. The shoppers broke no laws, Lynd said, adding that police intervention was not required to disburse the crowd. At about 9PM Wal-Mart said the glitch had been fixed (By Xerox) and the EBT cards were again showing limits. ‘When they heard the announcement, people just left their carts in place and walked out of the store,’ Lynd said.”

There were several towns that had this problem in northern Louisiana, but most stores weren’t afraid to assert their right to refuse service to the perpetrators of this fraud. I take issue with Lynd’s statement that this mob of thieves broke no laws. They broke God’s Law, “Thou shalt not steal.” Exodus 20:15 They may not have been charged with a State Statute, but this is a classic example of the “legal plunder,” that is the welfare system.

This group of characterless people probably got the word out over the free “Obama-phones,” that I’ve heard so much about. Speaking about Obama, he and his cronies might consider an EBT card without limits a good thing, and call it the Platinum EBT Card, or the Obama-card. After all, such an action would ruin our Nation at a far quicker pace than anything we have been hit with to date. He can call it “Affordable Charity,” never mind the rate payers and taxpayers in this Nation who are being brought to ruin by these policies, its “Affordable.”

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin considers the term “Welfare Fraud,” to be redundant. We consider all welfare to be a fraud. The proper jurisdictions for charity are first the home, and second the Church. Civil government taxation is backed by force, so on principle; government welfare spending is nothing more than the forced redistribution of your hard earned money. Need more proof, how many of you would willing give your money to people like those mentioned in the Christian Science Monitor article? Welfare fraud is more like “fraud fraud,” or fraud squared. The final reason why CPoW wants to end the welfare system: if there is no system in place, then there is no system to play.


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