Do You Want Family Supporting or Family Destroying Jobs?

14 Nov


He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread:

but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.” Proverbs 28:19

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

After several months of neoconservative propaganda from the libertarian-wing of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, I decided to respond to the notion that the jobs offered at a casino are “family supporting jobs,” as the sound bites purport them to be. There are several things to consider: What is a productive job? What is a legitimate service? What is a family supporting job? What is a swindle?

  •          What is a productive job? A business that produces a legitimate product for a profit. Our manufacturing base has been decimated. Those jobs, because they multiply our natural resources by our God-given creativity, produce wealth and are able to pay family supporting wages.
  •          What is a legitimate service? A legitimate service distributes those products to the consumer, things like grocery stores and auto repair shops. Another form of legitimate service is a service that is provided that is something other than a produced product. Lawyers, doctors and nurses provide such services that benefit their clients.
  •          What is a family supporting job? A family supporting job is a job that pays a high enough wage for the “man of the house” to support his wife and children.
  •          What is a swindle? Take a walk down the midway at a carnival and you will find no shortages of swindles. Our economy is starting to resemble such. A swindle produces nothing, provides nothing, promises you easy money, and then takes your money, or induces you to spend your money on their unproductive false promises. Multilevel marketing schemes and chain letters are prime examples.

What about gambling? Will those casino jobs provide a family supporting wage? I hardly think so. Do those jobs provide a legitimate service? No. Those jobs produce nothing.  The only productivity comes with the company that made the slot machines, spinning wheels and playing cards. Are those legitimate products? They are luxuries at best and idolatry in the name of “lady luck” in the main. There is one more thing to consider.  Even if a man or a woman is a sensible gambler and only spends $100.00 at the casino once a week, that is $5,200 per year that could be used productively. They wouldn’t give me that money, even though I will be honest with them and tell them I will give them nothing in return. No, it is the lure of easy money. Gambling has ruined many a family budget and has led to divorce and family breakdown. It has also been a motive in many cases of theft and embezzlement.

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) platform states:

“Gambling promotes an increase in crime, destruction of family values, and a decline in the moral fiber of our country. We are opposed to government sponsorship, involvement in, or promotion of gambling, such as lotteries, or subsidization of Native American casinos in the name of economic development.”

Regarding the proposed casino in Kenosha:  Does Kenosha need more family supporting jobs? Always! Does Kenosha need more crime? Never! The real question is, do you earn your wages by helping, or by destroying your neighbor? Because those paychecks will come from what has been swindled out of people’s pockets, the Constitution Party of Wisconsin is against any and all forms of gambling, including the Kenosha casino.  We call on Governor Scott Walker to do the right thing.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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