CPoW calls for a new Wisconsin tax code without tax on personal incomes and private property

16 Aug
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August 15, 2013

By Andrew Zuelke

Governor Scott Walker said the recently passed state budget “provides nearly $1 billion in tax reliefs for Wisconsin families.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin (GOP-WI) may provide tax cuts, but like Democrats, will not give us a brand new tax code sans a tax on incomes and a state property tax.  The GOP-WI’s own preamble and platform, found at, proves they don’t advocate the abolition of the punitive tax on incomes as the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) does.  The GOP-WI platform says in part:

Taxes – We believe the federal income tax system is unfair and cumbersome. We believe the tax code should be simplified and without exceptions. 

Therefore, we favor the option of a single simplified tax rate that closes the loopholes that some corporations use to pay less in taxes. This plan will make America the most attractive place for businesses that provide good paying jobs. (Underline emphasis added).

We in the Constitution Party know exactly why the GOP-WI won’t totally commit to writing a brand new tax code.  Wisconsin Democrats will cry, “More tax break for their rich friends and billionaire donors like the Koch brothers.”   So the GOP-WI will provide just enough tax relief to keep conservatives voting Republican (a tax cut), but not give them the tax relief that will provide conservatives and other taxpayers relief for life (a brand new tax code).

The CPoW calls for nothing less than ending the progressive income tax and the state private property tax.  Our platform on taxes, found at, says in part:

We, therefore, oppose all progressive taxes and any form of taxes on property, both real or personal, or on compensation paid for services rendered(Underline and bold print emphasis added).

With a progressive tax code, the more wages one earns, the more taxes he/she will pay.  This means that no one can ever save for their futures or get ahead that way.   Also, no property owner(s) should live in constant fear of losing their homes or land because they cannot afford to pay state property taxes.  The CPoW says the only way to help taxpayers permanently is by permanently ending progressive income taxes and the state tax on private property.  There are other ways to fund state—and local—government, which we propose again at

We appreciate the much-needed tax relief, but it’s far from a permanent fix.  We call on the electorate to vote for the Constitution Party candidate in your next election.  If you want true change, the Constitution Party is your only option.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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