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The Family Budget

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“Wilt thou set thine eyes on that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings;

 they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.” Proverbs 23:5

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

Why do promises of an easy revenue stream from sin businesses, such as gambling and recreational drugs, lead to more poverty? If you don’t believe me, ask yourselves, do we have more poverty or less poverty since the 1987 Amendment to the Wisconsin State Constitution that paved the way for the lottery and para-mutual betting?

We have more poverty.  There are many factors to this.  President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society was supposed to eliminate poverty, but instead it force fed poverty.  Poverty levels grew, because people’s appetite for unearned money grew.  As such, so did violence and crime.

Then along came the gambling faction which proposed that we make gambling, until that point a crime; legal. This would eliminate property taxes and poverty. The government would be “funded by the casino or the dog track.”  The liberal argument was that people in Wisconsin had to go to Illinois to spend their money and that was money going out of Wisconsin, so we must have gambling here. This is of course a perversion of keeping industry here in Wisconsin and shows that these men refuse to recognize the difference between productive work and a swindle.

While gaming means more money for Madison to spend, it results in less money for Wisconsin families. In the prior experience, if a person went to Illinois and gambled away his or her paycheck or savings, that would increase poverty here in Wisconsin, but there was a limit to it. You had to travel either to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Illinois. Now you don’t have to travel.  That means more people can behave irresponsibly more often, thus driving up the poverty statistics. It is common knowledge that there are many who are on public assistance who gamble away their hand-out. Also, many working people gamble away their wages.  Gambling has led to embezzlement by payroll secretaries and others in leadership. Gambling not only affects the gambler, but also the people in their lives.

What about the legalization crowd? When marijuana, cocaine and heroin were outlawed, the reason was due to their effect on the family.  The “legalize it” crowd, whether it be for drugs or for prostitution, always promise the citizenry an easy revenue stream that will lead to tax relief and economic prosperity. The Devil’s salesmen never bring up the family. When a son or daughter is addicted to drugs, that is disruptive enough.  When the mother or father are hooked, it is devastating.  Will striking down the prohibition laws help? Nonsense, it will make the problem worse because access to these vices will be unimpeded.  A lack of enforcement has breed dis.respect for the law.

“Because a sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) views the family as the basic unit of society.  It is the warp and woof of the fabric of America. Our CPoW Platforms states:

“The marriage covenant is the foundation of the family, and the family is fundamental in the maintenance of a stable, healthy and prosperous social order.”

We view anything that undermines the stability of the family with great approbation, including flim-flam schemes which bankrupt the family budget.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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Constitution Party of Wisconsin says: “Live Free or Move?” Quit Being a Wimp


They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.” Proverbs 28:4

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

These days, I have been reading articles saying don’t fight city hall, move somewhere else. Every time CPoW’s Milwaukee County Affiliate addresses Milwaukee City Hall’s shenanigans, some wag tells us to move. I will tell you why we won’t move. When you go a running, the wicked will be happy to chase you and torment you. That is how they get their jollies.

  • ·Once you start running, you may leave your problems behind temporarily, but sooner or later you will have to fight, as your nice suburban officials try to bring in gambling, pornography, and subsidized slums. High property taxes do not keep “the riff-raff out,” rather it is what local government uses to bring bad-actors in.
  • ·Where can you go to escape? Not too many places in the lower 48 States are left that haven’t had a liberal make-over.  I suspect even Alaska is losing its liberty. Wherever you run, the lefty will chase you.
  • ·Why should you be driven from your home?  If you are doing what is right, then the criminals, the socialists and the sodomites ought to be the ones doing the leaving.

What do I mean by bad actors? Do I mean people whose looks I don’t like?  No, I mean perverts, child-molesters, robbers, muggers, vandals, rapists, drug-dealers, street gangs and murderers. I know many people who fled Milwaukee after their daughter was raped, their son was killed, they were robbed or their house was set ablaze. Street terrorism is real. People realized that the socialists controlling Milwaukee City Hall where backing the criminals through their left-wing programs, so they fled for their family’s safety. They would have been better off fighting for their family’s safety and fighting pro-actively and preemptively at that.

If you don’t want to be chased perpetually, you must do more than stand your ground, you must pursue your enemy. First you can evangelize them.  Some people still have consciences and may become Christians. Some may not, but will be convicted of their bad deeds and stand down.

What about the hard-core criminal? That is where the Local Initiative comes in. The late Democrat, Tip O’ Neil stated, “All politics is local.” I never agreed with that man’s lack of morals, but if you believe in the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, and interposition, who better than a Christian to act the Christian?  If you hope for redress from City Hall, then you will have to be elected to City Hall, and thus take the fight to City Hall.

Furthermore, you can volunteer to serve on a local board, such as the Graffiti Abatement Committee, or the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Fire & Police Commission. Local appointed office is far easier to achieve than partisan office.  Also, being local, you have a better idea of your town than a state-level official.

Finally, if you get out there and campaign, you will find out what has moved into your town already.  I suspect things aren’t as rosy as you currently imagine them to be.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207

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CPoW calls for a new Wisconsin tax code without tax on personal incomes and private property

Tax pic

August 15, 2013

By Andrew Zuelke

Governor Scott Walker said the recently passed state budget “provides nearly $1 billion in tax reliefs for Wisconsin families.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin (GOP-WI) may provide tax cuts, but like Democrats, will not give us a brand new tax code sans a tax on incomes and a state property tax.  The GOP-WI’s own preamble and platform, found at, proves they don’t advocate the abolition of the punitive tax on incomes as the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) does.  The GOP-WI platform says in part:

Taxes – We believe the federal income tax system is unfair and cumbersome. We believe the tax code should be simplified and without exceptions. 

Therefore, we favor the option of a single simplified tax rate that closes the loopholes that some corporations use to pay less in taxes. This plan will make America the most attractive place for businesses that provide good paying jobs. (Underline emphasis added).

We in the Constitution Party know exactly why the GOP-WI won’t totally commit to writing a brand new tax code.  Wisconsin Democrats will cry, “More tax break for their rich friends and billionaire donors like the Koch brothers.”   So the GOP-WI will provide just enough tax relief to keep conservatives voting Republican (a tax cut), but not give them the tax relief that will provide conservatives and other taxpayers relief for life (a brand new tax code).

The CPoW calls for nothing less than ending the progressive income tax and the state private property tax.  Our platform on taxes, found at, says in part:

We, therefore, oppose all progressive taxes and any form of taxes on property, both real or personal, or on compensation paid for services rendered(Underline and bold print emphasis added).

With a progressive tax code, the more wages one earns, the more taxes he/she will pay.  This means that no one can ever save for their futures or get ahead that way.   Also, no property owner(s) should live in constant fear of losing their homes or land because they cannot afford to pay state property taxes.  The CPoW says the only way to help taxpayers permanently is by permanently ending progressive income taxes and the state tax on private property.  There are other ways to fund state—and local—government, which we propose again at

We appreciate the much-needed tax relief, but it’s far from a permanent fix.  We call on the electorate to vote for the Constitution Party candidate in your next election.  If you want true change, the Constitution Party is your only option.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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The Incorporated Church: The Worst of Both Worlds

These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority.

Let no man despise thee.” Titus 2:15

By Riley J. Hood – CPoW State Chairman

            Every so often, discussions come up about the Free Church vs. the State Church. In a Free Church, the State doesn’t support it with taxes, neither does the State tax or otherwise regulate it. Part of the word Free, in that term: is Tax Free. The State Church is State controlled and State supported.

            For the last 100 years, the majority of Churches have incorporated at the State Level, and since 1954, most Churches are further controlled at the federal level through the IRS 501(C)-3 Regulation. Both these models introduced the corporation; a “creature of Caesar.” The Civil Government heads the Church Inc. Under the State Church model, you have State Control, plus State support. In America today you have State Control, and State-based hostility. The State engages in extortion; by telling Pastors if you preach on certain things, you will lose your incorporated status. This is truly the worst of both worlds.

            Does this State Chairman want to have a State Church? I have been accused of that by men who can’t abide the name of Jesus Christ. In my own words, the answer is no. I favor the Free Church, with no taxation and no regulation.  What has America endured since 1954 as a result of the Church being muzzled? This list isn’t and can’t be all inclusive; but here are a few examples I have been thinking about.

  • The removal of the Ten Commandments starting in 1963.
  • The de-facto legalization of Abortion, through the US Supreme Court’s decisions, Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Casey v. Planned Parenthood. The de-facto legalization of sodomy through the Lawrence v. Texas decision.
  • Several mainline denominations promoting Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and various forms of sodomy because the civil government says it is okay now. Nearly all the rest of the Evangelical and Fundamentalist Churches are silent, whose answer is non-participation, neutrality and escapism. Nearly all the incorporated Churches counsel married couples to use birth control.
  • The appearance of watered down, mealy mouthed voter guides designed to make that particular party’s candidate look good, resorting to questions like, “Are you against partial birth abortion?” The man can be a pro-abort, but be dubbed pro-life because he is mildly against one to two percent of all abortions taking place.

            Before 1954; every Political Party, except the Communist Party appealed to Christianity as the basis for their support. Even the Socialists, while riddled with Atheists, Evolutionists, and Agnostics still appealed to Christianity and promoted religious freedom as a differentiator between themselves and the Communists. Today, most parties are atheistic. There are a few smaller parties that appeal to Christianity, such as the Constitution Party.

            Regarding the Constitution Party of Wisconsin, we are a Bible-based political party. Our stands do come from the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence; but we put the Bible over and above both of our nation’s founding documents. We respect the founding fathers, but we are not a cult of the founding fathers, and skepticism isn’t improved by putting the term “Jeffersonian” in front of it. In the election of 1800, the Presbyterian minister William Linn preached, “to vote for Jefferson is to sin against God.” Election sermons were common, not only teaching right principle from the pulpit, but instructing the congregation on where each candidate stood.  The “lesser of two evils,” was not a consideration. You only hear that kind preaching today in unlicensed Churches.  The IRS wouldn’t intimidate churches if the IRS didn’t exist.  CPoW means to abolish the IRS.  CPoW wants to end government interference in Church matters, because we think America needs more bold preaching, not less.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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Liberals, you got your wish

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest of men are exalted.” Psalms 12:8

Riley J. Hood – CPoW State Chairman

Milwaukee – Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele, you got your wish, a criminal-friendly Milwaukee.  You told the Milwaukee County Sheriff that he cannot promote self-defense.  You promote weekly drinking festivals at the lake front all summer long, as if corralling thousands of drunks in the same place at the same time is some kind of achievement.  Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn threatens to take down citizens who bear arms, but such rhetoric is never used against pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, or street gangs.

Well, criminals have rewarded your leniency by being themselves. There are innocent people being murdered, robbed, burglarized and raped as a result of your liberal policies.

The democrats enable this behavior, while the republicans run and hide.  The churches are busy preaching about everything except Biblical morality.  Is there anyone willing to stand up for the people?  Where is the outrage?

There is one political party willing to stand in the gap for you.  That is the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW).  CPoW supports Constitutional Carry in addition to the Wisconsin Act 94-2011 already in place.

We at CPoW believe in restraining criminals, not law-abiding citizens.  Join the only party with a backbone.  Join CPoW now!

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

PO Box 070344

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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