A Political Party with God at the Center

11 May
May 11, 2013
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Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. Psalm 33:12

By Grant Gillespie

One of the first subjects the Constitution Party mentions in their platform is Jesus:

“The Constitution Party of Wisconsin gratefully acknowledges the blessing of the Lord God as Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the Universe and of this Nation. It recognizes Jesus Christ as transcendent King over all nations and hereby appeals to Him for aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Divine Providence as we work to restore and preserve this nation as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

This party does not give Jesus a back seat. They let him drive. Many, if not all of the Constitution Party’s beliefs and stances come from the Bible as well as the US Constitution.

We have all in some way felt our call to keep this nation under God. Many of us Christians support God’s definition of marriage. We want a small, limited government.  Not too much to bring tyranny; not too little to bring anarchy.  We believe life begins at the moment of fertilization. We believe God should be in the class rooms.

Our nation has been slowly moving away from Jesus bit by bit. Our nation is like when a child grows day by day. You don’t notice the changes unless you look in the past. Pictures and memories of what the child was like. What our nation was like.

How do we keep God in the center of our nation? My first answer, years ago, was the republicans. Let me tell you a little history of my political life. I came from a republican family. I was in line with my mother’s side of the family, as they were all right-wing.  My father’s side was left wing, although my father was a right-wing man. He introduced me to politics through listening to radio programs while driving home. It started with Mark Levin, then Rush and Hannity. Though I do disagree with them now, if it wasn’t for listening to them take interest in our country, I wouldn’t be writing this today.

Then one day I received a literature pamphlet on our railing outside. If I remember right, it was titled, “Real Americans Don’t Vote Democrat”.  It was from the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW).  I was so impressed by what they had to say, that like Christ calling of the disciples, I left behind the GOP and began to follow.

Ever since then, my new answer to political questions became CPoW. Though we are a small party, I have seen our numbers begin to grow. We have the potential to take good percentages from races and we are already driving the talking points. Just look at the Milwaukee County Board. We wanted to cut the Board back in spring 2012 with Jerry Broitzman’s campaign.

What is our vision for this nation? We want to put God at the center. To accomplish that, you need a political party with God at the center. We want America to accept God’s definition of marriage; one man, one woman. We want to have a limited government by applying the restraints of the US Constitution on the federal government. We want to protect life from the womb to natural death. We want to tell the truth to our children that God created them; that He loved them so much, He sent his Son to die for us and is alive today. That is our vision.

Grant Gillespie is a member of the Public Relations Committee of CPoW.
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