Whatever Happened To Personnel?

03 May

Dodge / Fond du Lac County Affiliate

“Masters, give your servants that which is just and equal;

knowing that ye also have a Master in Heaven.” Colossians 4:1

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

In 1986, I entered the work force. At that time most companies still had personnel departments. While “human resources” were starting to come-in, most people still preferred the concept of personnel. After all, the root word of Personnel is Person, implying all the dignity that is legally bestowed upon personhood.

What human resources turns people into non-persons, and treats them like equipment, when no longer of use, it is trashed, or sold for parts. You are no longer persons working for an employer, you are assets, like the companies other assets, the equipment. If you want to see human resources taken to its logical conclusion, look at Communist China, where after you are “worked to death,” your body is then sold out for…

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