Evangelicals: The republicans are selling you out…..again

25 Mar

PrinciplesIf you identify yourself as an Evangelical Christian, please pay attention.  The republicans are again selling you out.  The truth is they sold you out decades ago, but you have refused to acknowledge it.  They are now about to surrender to the “gay marriage” advocates.  Do you want proof?  Contact the Republican National Committee in Washington D.C. and ask them to send you their published position on “gay marriage.”  I dare you.

The democrats have always been very honest about their views on homosexuality.  They are for it, in every facet of our society and most definitely in support of “gay marriage.”  I am thankful for their honesty.

On the other hand, the republican leadership is also for it, they have simply been lying to the Evangelicals in order to get their vote.  The Evangelicals have gone along with it because too many of them subscribe to the “lesser of two evils” doctrine.  Would you like more proof?  Go ahead and type “Log Cabin Republicans” into your search engine.  This group was founded in 1977 (yes, 1977) to advocate for gay rights.  Now type in American Unity PAC.  This is a political action committee dedicated to supporting gay republicans who run for office.  Do you want more?  Type in “republican party gay marriage” and you will have thousands of examples.

There is only one political party who stands firmly and proudly for the Biblical definition of marriage.  That is the Constitution Party.  We have seven fundamental principles which are not open for compromise.  The third of which states:

Family:  One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted. 


Yes, but can the Constitution Party win?  The answer is yes, if the CP candidate gets more votes than the other guy.  The real question is:  Are YOU willing to vote for Biblical principles, regardless of the outcome?

Even if there is a particular republican candidate that you like who happens to be against “gay marriage,” the Republican Party leadership does not support that person.  The Republican Party is permanently corrupted.  If you cast a vote for that person, you have supported a party who willingly rejected Biblical principles.  Therefore, you have too.

There is only one party who supports Biblical principles and says so in their platform.  That is the Constitution party.  It is time for Evangelicals to acknowledge the truth and change their ways.  I want YOU to start by investigating the Constitution Party for yourself.  Here are some links to get you started:

Written by Jerry Broitzman, Vice Chairman of CPoW, Milwaukee County Affiliate


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One response to “Evangelicals: The republicans are selling you out…..again

  1. Janice Hood

    March 28, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    Very good article, Jerry. The public has been brain-washed through t.v. and the movies for over 15-20 years concerning this issue. They don’t even realize it!


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