From Wisconsin Carry, Inc. – Milwaukee Police Chief Travels to DC to Proliferate Gun Myths

27 Feb
Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief, Edward Flynn








For Immediate Release:

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has traveled to Washington DC today to testify in favor of a misleadingly named “Assault Weapons Ban”.

So called “Assault Weapons” are functionally no different than the hunting rifles that most deer hunters in Wisconsin use every November when they hit the woods for the annual hunt.

With that said, as documented by the video link below, the most common hunting gun in the world, the “12 Gauge Shotgun” is a far deadlier weapon in a mass-shooting situation than an assault rifle.

The video between the 2:40 to 8 minute mark demonstrates this fact:

If opportunistic politicians and appointed law-enforcement officials are successful in leveraging tragedy to get these so called “assault weapons” banned, lunatics and mass murderers like we saw in Newtown, CT would simply resort to utilizing the most common hunting gun in the world, a 12 Gauge Shotgun, with a common hunting load of ammunition to create even more carnage in an even shorter period of time.

Understanding that surely Police Chief Ed Flynn must be aware that a shotgun is more deadly in a mass shooting situation than an assault rifle, it becomes clear that he and politicians who seek to ban so called “assault rifles” are not attempting to solve a problem. These individuals are merely undertaking an incremental step to disarm the american people, something our founding fathers explicitly created the 2nd Amendment to protect against.

In a final note of irony and an affront to the intent of the Second Amendment, police departments, including Milwaukee have replaced shotguns in their vehicles with true Assault weapons. When local law enforcement seeks to lobby legislatures to deny the law-abiding citizens the right to possess the same kind of weapons the police carry among the citizens they are to serve and protect, its a true demonstration that we no longer have a government “of the people” but a government class that is ruling over the people.

“We the people” living among the streets of Milwaukee face the very same threats to ourselves and our families that the police face as they patrol our neighborhoods… In an era where police response times are notably increasing, we often face these same threats *before* the police arrive.

Throughout the upcoming months, Wisconsin Carry will be undertaking an educational campaign to dispel the misinformation that is being proliferated. We encourage members of the media to fulfill journalistic ethical obligations and provide facts to help the segment of the public that is not familiar with guns and ammunition better understand the issue.

Carry On,

Nik Clark Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Wcilogo II

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