See the Virgil Goode billboard in Wisconsin!

20 Oct

Through the efforts of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW, pronounced Ca-POW), we are proud to show you the Virgil Goode for President billboard currently on display in the great State of Wisconsin!  The billboard is located on the northbound lanes of Highway 41, near the City of Germantown (about mile marker #55).  The sign is lighted at night, so it is seen 24/7.  This stretch of highway always has Pro-Christian & Pro-Life billboards, so it is an ideal area.  The other significant thing is that Highway 41 is one of two highways that people take from the south on their way to Green Bay to watch the Green Bay Packers.  This sign will literally be seen by hundreds of thousands of people before election day.

Special thanks to Wisconsin State Chairman, Riley J. Hood, for making this happen.  If you would like details about the sign, you may contact Mr. Hood via his web site at

To learn more about Virgil Goode, go to

We are committed to voting for Virgil Goode, regardless of the outcome.  Go Virgil Goode!!

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