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Wisconsin Gun Owners 2012 Candidate Survey Results

Click here to find out the results of the Wisconsin Gun Owners 2012 Candidate Survey.  It is interesting to note how many republicans got an “F” rating.  If you think the Republican Party is looking out for your gun rights, think again.  This is particularly relevant in the race for US Senate.  The only person who received an “A” rating is Riley J. Hood of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin.  Mr. Hood is officially registered with the State of Wisconsin as a write-in candidate for this race.  Remember to write-in Riley J. Hood in November.

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See Presidential Candidate Virgil Goode with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona

Virgil Goode, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

Click here to get the latest news on our presidential candidate, Virgil Goode!

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Your gun rights are being infringed upon! Read this and take action.

Greetings in Freedom,

When Act 35 (Wisconsin’s concealed carry law) went into effect in November of last year there were “emergency rules” that were in place that defined the specific requirements of how the law would be implemented.  These rules have been in place since November 1st and are the rules under which over 120,000 concealed carry licenses have been issued.

The Department of Justice now wants to implement “permanent rules” that are different from the “emergency rules”.  Most notably, the DOJ wants to limit class size for the state mandated “training class” that one must take before they may apply for a license to 50 people or less.

A month or so ago WCI emailed a request/notification of the Department of Justice’s planned public hearings regarding the proposed permanent rules and the changes from the emergency rules.

Those public hearings were held and despite objections from a few that attended, the Department of Justice did NOT remove the “50 person limit” from the finalized permanent rules that have been submitted to Governor Walker for his final approval.

The permanent rules now sit on the Governor’s desk awaiting his approval, or rejection.

Limiting class size to 50 people would severely inhibit WCI’s ability to offer of FREE concealed carry license class to all those who seek to attend.  Many of our classes are smaller than 50 people.  Other classes in which we have access to large venues very well suited to larger classes often seat up to 200 people.  Those venue’s have theater style seating and top-notch audio-visual capabilities.  Microphones are available for attendee’s to ask questions and the instructors stick around for as long as needed afterwards to answer any other questions people have.  We believe the government should not arbitrarily limit class size to 50 people but instead leave it up to individual organizations to determine an appropriate class size depending on the venue and resources they have available.

This is our last chance to get these permanent rules changed. PLEASE take a few seconds to call, write, or email Governor Walker and ask him to send the proposed permanent rules for Act 35 that would arbitrarily limit class size to 50 people back to the DOJ. Ask Governor Walker to ask the DOJ to remove the 50 person limit before resubmitting them to him for approval.

Ask Governor Walker to reject the rules on the basis of the ARBITRARY 50 person limit because that would severely reduce the capacity of Wisconsin Carry to provide free training to the number of those who are encumbered by the cost of the training mandate that Act 35 imposed.

Tell him that while we had advocated for and believe in constitutional carry, we have worked within the current training mandate to ensure that people’s right to carry won’t be infringed just because they can’t afford to pay for the state mandated class.

Tell Governor Walker that as an all volunteer organization, we deserve the opportunity to maximize the efforts of our volunteer instructors by allowing the organization, NOT the state to determine based on the capacity and audio visual capabilities of a particular venue, how many people could be served in a class.

Tell Governor Walker that we should be EASING restrictions and making it easierto exercise the constitutionally guaranteed human right to self-defense, not making it harder to meet the requirements of the state.



Office of Governor Scott Walker

115 East Capitol

Madison, WI 53702



(608) 266-1212


Carry On!


Nik Clark

Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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A note for CPoW members regarding Virgil Goode


A message from Mike Tuttle:

To: CPoW and the Milwaukee county affiliate,
Mike Tuttle here letting you know that Virgil Goode presidential candidate from the Constitution Party (WILL NOT) be at Bass Creek in Afton, WI on this Friday August 24 at noon. The cancellation is do to unforeseen circumstances that happened in his home state where he had more than enough signatures to get on the ballot but he did not get enough in one particular district where getting people to sign is hard to do. So he has to go out and get the signatures himself as people respond to him better in person than his representatives.
Mike Tuttle

P.S. Watch for updates as Virgil would still like to come to Bass Creek in Afton, WI


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CPoW-MC Supports Our Olympic Athletes


Gymnast Gabby Douglas with her gold medal in the 2012 Olympics

MILWAUKEE – The Constitution Party of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Affiliate (CPoW-MC) wishes to send our whole hearted support to our Olympic athletes and their families in the 2012 Summer Olympics.  We appreciate your years of sacrifice and training for the chance to be the very best in the world in your given sport.  We are very proud to have you represent the United States of America in this most exclusive venue.  Regardless of the outcome, please know that we are behind you and you can count on our support.  Keep up the good work!


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Constitution Party of Wisconsin – Milwaukee County Affiliate (CPoW-MC) condemns the violence in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

August 6, 2012

Constitution Party of Wisconsin – Milwaukee County Affiliate (CPoW-MC) condemns the violence in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE – CPoW-MC condemns the violence brought upon the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in yesterday’s shooting incident. A male of approximately 40 years of age, walked into the Sikh Temple on Sunday morning and shot to death several members of this congregation. He then shot and critically wounded a police officer who had responded to the scene. The perpetrator was shot to death by police. The motive is unknown at this time. It is also not yet clear as to if he acted alone or with other accomplices.

“This murderous, egregious act is a direct affront to Our Lord Jesus Christ and tragedy to the members of the Sikh community,” said Jerry Broitzman, Vice Chairman of CPoW-MC.  “If any other conspirators of this crime are found, they should receive the maximum punishment as allowed by law in the State of Wisconsin.”

About the Constitution Party: The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) is a recognized political party in the State of Wisconsin. The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal and state government to its Constitutional boundaries.


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